Ozzz 發表於 2011-10-6 23:49:24

Toyo 45CF - any sample pictures please? Comments also welcome

Haha good to have so many C Hing giving courage for me to 敗家 for what I really like.

and then I started digging, and found out that except the PRC produced wooden model, Toyo 45CF is probably the cheapest field camera one can get (barring any surprising second hand offers). Having checked again, it seems its build quality is rather questionable in users' view - they said it will shake in wind.

so I went up to Sellen and have a try on the thing. On a first thought I felt the hinge between the body and the bed wasn't shaky at all. That spurs my curiosity on this "barely usable as a 4x5" camera (according to a CHing) - has anybody used it and what is your experience?? is it usable in daylight situation (assuming shutter speed is 1s the slowest - am really new to LF so am not even sure if this assumption is sound)

any sharing welcome and if there is any chance I can see a sample picture that would be great! Thx


香港至NET超人 發表於 2011-10-12 07:56:22

The "Bed" is too plastic feel which is not as rock solid as 45A or Linhof.
Other than that, it is a very practical camera.

Ozzz 發表於 2011-10-12 18:15:02

Thanks - in which case it sounds like a Chamonix 45n-2 is a better deal. Have you used it with some larger lenses like, Schneider 90 5.6 XL? would like to know more about the room of movement...reading from its web site the universal bellow seems decent enough. Thx!

香港至NET超人 發表於 2011-10-16 12:55:41

要用到90XL, 非TOYO莫屬, 其他機用LINHOF細枝, 機身前組個孔都過唔到90XL既尾組吧.
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