al7335 發表於 2012-12-7 10:43:44

請問canon IPF6100 換printhead

原厰換好貴$3500一邊(分L & R) 人工$1000, 有沒有其他方法?

aaronchan 發表於 2012-12-7 10:54:31

You don't need to ask anyone to change it, it is extremely simple to change it by yourself, and it was built to meant to change it by the user.
3500 is not that expensive compare to the epson printer. but if you are will to spend less, go to Shenzhen and buy from China.
Currently they are 2300RMB each so I guess is under 3000HKD per head.
And they don't need to be changed unless they are not working at all.


al7335 發表於 2012-12-7 11:04:42

謝謝ching回覆, 請問printhead在深圳那處有售, 可否PM小弟, thanks.

aaronchan 發表於 2012-12-7 13:56:06

sent it

al7335 發表於 2012-12-7 16:08:35

謝謝 ching
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