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筆直不多,1萬上下,想瞭解一下4X5 system

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Ching, 唔晒咁 hard sell
冷靜 d :smile1:

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我有部sinar f 八九成新 4200蚊放比你 要唔要:dumno:

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This is not a WTB, nor a WTS
all selling replies willing be deleted later

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Generally cameras that are readily available are as follow;
wood camera: not heavy, good for general use
mono rail / metal camera: precise movement, heavy, usually for indoor
Folding press camera: light, limited movement, limited use of lens due to bellow length and lens board size

It is recommended to get a camera with Technika size lens board.

Generally if you shoot mostly landscape, the bellow length is fairly standard due to the focal length of a lens commonly use. But if you prefer Portraiture, personally I would recommend a longer bellow for higher flexibility.

Apart from the lens and camera, do set a budget for Film holders, a light meter (optional), dark cloth, light tight bag for loading and unloading films, a good ball head and a tripod, and of course you'll need films too. Your budget of HK$10K should get you started at a very decent level.

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