Ozzz 發表於 2012-12-17 03:02:38

Fujinon-T 400mm F/8.0

終於入手Master Technika...並在研究買入長焦鏡頭 (因為自己影風景比較鍾意用長焦)。想問問各師兄對此鏡看法?? 看多了老外的Review 也想知道一下本地高手們的睇法,認為相近焦距來說此鏡成像定位如何? Thx

edra8 發表於 2012-12-18 11:02:47

MASTER TECHNIKA 條件上NIKON T-500 EDFUJI T-600 都無問題, 除非你預算不足啦。

至於成像質素; 如果你有所懷疑FUJINON;咁上 NIKON T-500 EDOR SCHNEIDER APO TELE XENAR 400MM 就更理想啦 。

Ozzz 發表於 2012-12-18 13:35:41

Thanks for your reply CHing. Not really to the extent of 懷疑 the quality of Fujinon, but it's just the lack of sample pictures on the internet and elsewhere which made it somewhat uneasy for me to judge between the options...what I've been reading is that it does not have any special glass element and therefore will show some more chromatic aberrations than the Nikon ED / Schneider APO glasses. But as to the extent I really have no idea and that's why I am trying to see if there're others who did some sort of comparison before.
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