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Professional Printing of Digital Photos


So I've had a digital camera for a year or so now (Sony DSC-P50), and I've been satisfied with the photos it's produced--as viewed on the monitor. It's a 2-megapixel camera, so I've mostly been shooting at 1024x768 so it'll fit my monitor.
I've recently taken some photos of an event that I'd like to have hard copies of for distribution, and frankly my first attempts have been disappointing--I need some advice on what I'm doing wrong. So, here's the summary:
1. Took picture at 1024x768, downloaded, photoshopped to remove redeye, gave it a sepia overlay to make it look "vintage", and touched up a few little things.
2. Put jpg on floppy, took into CVS pharmacy, to one of those little kiosks that automatically crops/prints images from disks.
3. Printed a few 5x7s, looked at them, groaned.
The prints look, for lack of a better description, like they came from a printer I could buy at Staples for $200. All the soft highlights have turned into strong highlights; either it's not printing the colors that cause the "fade" from light to soft, or there's some contrast setting I missed.
Also, I can see the texture of the ink on the photo paper--all the black is more depressed into the paper than the lighter colors. Oh, and the straight diagonal lines have jaggies that certainly didn't exist in the original picture!
My guesses at what might be wrong:
1. Printing at a kiosk in CVS. All printers are not made alike--would I get better results by just taking it to a professional printer?
2. Trying to milk 5x7 prints from a 1024x768 jpg. If I'd known I was going to be printing, I would've shot at 1600x1200--but would this really make such a noticeable difference?
So, that's where I'm at: slightly clueless. Before I go try it all again, I was wondering if anyone had advice/experience, about any stage/aspect of the process?

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I'm no expert, but 2 things popped into mind:

1. your resolution is too low like charles da da says, so you may wanna upsample ur photos
2. professional output centers are likely ur best bet, but first, find out what printer the output center is using (dl the relevant profile) and soft proof ur photos b4 sending them out
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