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for monitor & printer calibration, you can choose the colormunki photographer edition (~ 4k) or the spyder3studio edition (~5k) :handshake

i have seen colormunki @ dcfever shop at Mongkok/Causeway Bay.for the spyder3 studio, there is stock at Mr Computer at Wan Chai 298

aaronchan 發表於 2008-9-5 10:40:38

It really depends on how much are you willing to spend.
ColorMunki is the new device for most of the photographer, it is easy to use and accurate enough for most of people.

There are also i1Pro which is for more serious photographer who demanding on the accuracy and improvement from the industry. I use the i1pro with the i1 match software.

But now I just purchased the ProfileMaker which is only a software that does have a better engine renders and reads more reference file that gives you more varieties for different type of surface.

DLBB 發表於 2008-9-5 10:52:25

買cal mon/printer hardware前, 請先睇下自己個mon/display card同printer既質素, 如果唔好, 點cal都冇用

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Machine Name:        Power Mac G4
Machine Model:        PowerMac3,6
CPU Type:        PowerPC G4(3.3)
Number Of CPUs:        2
CPU Speed:        1.25 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU):        256 KB
L3 Cache (per CPU):        2 MB
Memory:        2 GB
Bus Speed:        167 MHz
Boot ROM Version:        4.4.8f2
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro:

Chipset Model:        ATY,RV250
Type:        Display
Bus:        AGP
Slot:        SLOT-1
VRAM (Total):        64 MB
Vendor:        ATI (0x1002)
Device ID:        0x4966
Revision ID:        0x0001
ROM Revision:        113-99702-130
Philips 200P:
Resolution:        1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
Depth:        32-bit Color
Core Image:        Not Supported
Main Display:        Yes
Mirror:        Off
Online:        Yes
Quartz Extreme:        Supported
Rotation:        Supported
Status:        No display connected
Printer : Epson photo R290
Scanner : Epson 4990 photo

ms0808 發表於 2008-9-5 14:46:32

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do you have color management issue with your current monitor/printer??is your print very different from your monitor??

hkkelvinchoi 發表於 2008-9-5 16:20:36

spyder3 studio is very good choice !!! (around HK$4500)

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spyder3 studio 不能校正scanner,所以暫時沒有考慮,其實小弟問過一位朋友借過一個叫MonacoEZcolor的校色器用,效果非常好,但貴到冇得頂!所以小弟想問下各師兄有冇好介紹!!

DLBB 發表於 2008-9-6 13:41:06

唔好意思, 坦白講, 師兄個mon仲勉強可以, 個printer得6色, 同時下既8色10色photo printer比, 差太遠了, cal 左對整體畫質都冇乜大幫助

現今photo printer如Canon Pro9000, Epson R2800等, 跟機D profile已好準, 如果用原廠紙同墨, cal 唔 cal 己不太緊耍

有錢先upgrade printer吧, 花幾千元去cal 不如買部靚D既printer

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