SINCHI 發表於 2010-11-16 17:48:05

想買部 printer 印 4R 相

想 ching 比 d 意見
想係屋企 print 4R 相,
部 printer 唔使拎出街

uncle7seven 發表於 2011-4-13 11:47:04

how about selphy : )

jerrytrader 發表於 2011-4-13 14:18:46

How about DNP ?

lolok 發表於 2011-4-13 22:37:43

打印成本要便宜 <<< 出舖晒 4R 似乎係最便宜,我都想知其實有無可能自己出4R 可以平過街晒:handshake

neofung* 發表於 2011-4-14 02:03:45

jerrytrader 發表於 2011-4-14 12:33:26

原帖由 lolok 於 2011-4-13 10:37 PM 發表

0.9 / print include paper and media ,,,,

捕風 發表於 2011-4-15 11:31:14

I think if you print 1-2 print every times, Sephy or Sony printer is very good.
   Sony dye sublimation printer with ink sell @ $590 in apm Citicall last week.
If many prints at a time, go to photoshop is better.

jerrytrader 發表於 2011-4-15 12:11:08

Transfer of Sony's Commercial Digital Photo Business to Dai Nippon Printing

Regarding Transfer of Sony's Commercial Digital Photo Business to Dai Nippon Printing

Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd.
Sony Corporation

Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DNP) and Sony Corporation (hereafter referred to as Sony) have concluded an agreement in which Sony's professional digital photo printer business (excluding the manufacture of printers) shall be transferred to DNP, and announced today the official execution of the business transfer agreement between the two parties. Accompanying the concerned agreement, DNP will establish a working framework in which dye-sublimation print media* is supplied without interruption throughout the business transfer proceedings to the instant photo printing kiosk and printers for ID photography currently installed by Sony.

Additionally, Sony will continue to maintain its medical-purpose professional printing business.

In the event that the concerned business transfer is subject to receipt of necessary approvals by the regulatory authorities of related governments in countries where the concerned business has a physical presence, and subject to appropriate country consultation with employees, the agreement shall be executed on the condition that such approval is granted. Execution of the transfer of business assets is scheduled for April 1, 2011

Means DNP will take overSOny Dye-sub department ....COOL. :handshake

捕風 發表於 2011-4-15 18:08:02

原帖由 jerrytrader 於 2011-4-15 12:08 PM 發表
Are you using sony Dye-sub ? ...

Yes, I used Canon & Sony models.
Initial Sony is better but now the difference is unable to see.

The worst photo pronter I used was Lexmark.

冬陰 發表於 2011-4-17 11:31:31

原帖由 lolok 於 2011-4-13 10:37 PM 發表

用 供 墨 系 統 ( 即 係 自 已 加 墨 水 果 d )
用 大 陸 紙 , 成 本 可 以 平 過 出 面 ( 不 計 器 材 )
但 係 唔 知 可 以 罷 到 幾 長 時 間 呢 ?( 原 裝 墨 都 罷 唔 到 幾 耐 )
計 正 出 面 晒 係 低 d 同 靚 d

neofung* 發表於 2011-4-18 01:02:08

DLBB 發表於 2011-4-18 07:54:50

4R 除非有即場印既需要, 否則俾人晒平靚正過自己印

jerrytrader 發表於 2011-4-18 11:53:45

0.9 / print for 4R photo , 俾人晒 also need 0.7 -0.8 right ?

so its your choice ~~

neofung* 發表於 2011-4-18 15:32:38

jerrytrader 發表於 2011-4-19 16:28:38

大佬 , you win , ok ? happy ?:smile1 :smile1

caoto 發表於 2011-4-22 09:03:58


gycs 發表於 2013-4-9 18:36:46

m11 發表於 2013-4-11 20:41:06

CANon 細細部果D

sheepsheep1210 發表於 2013-5-14 23:21:16

canon cp810 及epson pm235
Epson PictureMate PM235 - 攝影特區 - 親子王國 -
狐遊天下: 家用相片打印機-Canon SELPHY CP810 -

sheepsheep1210 發表於 2013-5-14 23:22:45

any comment for me ?canon 我G5得,但
epson 可否ink ?
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