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Markins V10 Titanium









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What is so special about this Markins ball head ?? It's almost impossible to tell you in words, you'd simply have to touch it yourself to really see the difference. The V10 is solid, though the rest of the ball heads made by Markins are also extremely robust, this V10 feels dense. It weighs only 530 g, but has a loading of a massive 50 kg, a very bold statement made by Markins which I firmly believe considering Markins has a long reputable history of product excellence. To further enhances the rarity, Markins made only 100 set of V10, and with a price tag of USD1,480.




This is not an ordinary ball head for everyone. If you do decide to break your bank in pursue of product excellente, you might want to check our favorite Hong Kong's Markins official distributor "Howen International Co." and see if they have it in stock. I'm sure David has a lot of goodies hidden beneath his bed as part of his personal collection. :)

http://www.howenint.com/howen/ma ... evel=1&xid=348/

By comparison to the Q20, the V10 is 5 g heavier, I'd suspect the difference in weight comes from the raw material used; the ever so exotic precious metal Titanium. The Titanium used to build the V10 perfectly justifies the price tag, and believe me, the whole housing is made of thick solid Titanium. In all honesty however, I'm still using the old Markins M20, and I don't see a significant climb in performance between the two. The improvement most obvious to me is the locking of the panning base, it's a nice improvement though it doesn't affect me that much.


The V10 comes with a Quick Release style clamp (QL-60), and for the first time, the clamp is removable which allows you to change any style of clamps anytime within your comfortable compound. Simply use an octagonal wrench to remove the screw located at the center of the clamp, and you're all set to go. My personal preference is using the screw knob clamp.



So here it is, the world first Titanium Ball Head by Markins; a perfect combination of quality and rarity. You would be within a very exclusive group of photographers in the world if you own one, that is if you can find one !!:)


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