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There has to be thousands of brands out there in the market, each has its own distinct characteristics and features. For example Billingham, the classic gentlemanly camera bag perfect for compact camera system in a walkabout situation. Thinktank, the sturdy and highly practical bags for all occasions. The list goes on and all are, I'm sure, brilliant in their own rights.

Among the many new brands coming out in the market every so often, there is always one or two new bag that has captured my attention. Wotancraft is the brand that I fancy, but all their bags are heavy and they get even heavier with cameras inside. Wotancraft has this raw flavor which you rarely see on the streets, and most importantly, its bags have multiple layers; layers such as pockets, canvas and leather, leather belts and external weather proof waxed canvas etc., which make them a pain in the hide to produce and very costly to manufacture. How's that for quality, style and uniqueness ??

There is no such thing as the perfect bag, but there is a thing called "Style". Everyone has different style, and a style may not be for everyone. Check out this youtube to see if this is yours truly.

At Your Service !!
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