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Olympus says their stacked sensor tech is not coming anytime soon









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Imaging Resource posted this interview with Olympus managers. It’s a very tech oriented interview. Here are some key info:
Why you didn’t use a higher-resolution panel forthe E-M1X?
Of course we know there are higher resolution panels in the industry. But when we choose the best performance of the the mirrorless camera’s EVF panel, in terms of the refresh rate, as well as the panel quality — the color or brightness — on those aspects, we chose this panel as better than a higher resolution model.
How much can you push the resolving power of Micro Four Thirds, and will a lot of your continued improvement in image quality be around lens technology, or additional improvements in software and image processing?
At this moment, our best balance of those aspects is at 20 megapixels. On the other hand, typical landscape shooters are asking more resolution. Not from sports shooters or for moving subjects; just landscape photographers are asking for more resolution than 20 megapixels. To me, answering that kind of demand, as you know we offer the multi-shot technology for high resolution.
E-M10, E-PL series and PEN-F. Will all of those lines be continued?
It’s really difficult to say. If you want to ask us, all we can say is “No comment” or something.
Where does the whole idea of stacked sensors stand with Olympus?
Usually, these fundamental technologies need time to become a real product. I don’t know [whether it’s developed for] our imaging products or medical products, but yeah, that’s a fundamental development or research.

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