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分享 2014-07-11
outumnq 2014-7-11 03:50 PM
Japanese Doll D is a Japanese student, in this summer holiday, he want to go home, so he bought a couple of Japanese doll from rigouwang as present. The doll is very cute, but we always have a strange feeling, a weird feeling, so cold. D never minds, he is a man, he's not afraid ...
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outumnq 2014-7-11 11:12 AM
ANIME is combined by Japanese cartoons Japanese manga. In fact, Japanese anime is not so dazzling than American animation, but has a very important position in global with its plot innovation and interest, it has attracted a lot of people. Now Japan shopping author emphasis on the Japa ...
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分享 Shinny Party-------Authentic Japanese Goods
outumnq 2014-7-10 03:50 PM
Become queen B or queen S is not impossible now. Today, Cinderella into a princess in the party , I am enjoying in jealousy and envy ,and all of the men diligent to me . I am the party star , I am no longer an ugly duckling.For girl,who don't like the much-anticipated,when I ...
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分享 casio自拍神器時尚美人專寵
hkpdxg 2014-7-10 11:18 AM
casio 神器 TR350 是一款 270 度旋轉機身和自帶強大的美顏功用的廣角卡片相機,撐持一鍵輕鬆美容,擁有 1210 萬像素,同時搭載了一枚 21mm 等效焦距的定焦鏡頭, EXILIM 引擎的搭載也可完成高速圖像處理。外觀方面, ...
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分享 新手怎麼選擇入門單反?
hkpdxg 2014-7-9 05:12 PM
想入個 入門單反 ,HKPD大神推薦佳能CANON EOS 產品介紹說明,讓我們看下具體功能吧~ www.hkpd.hk 機身帶 PowerShot 風格 無論是Canon 好,Nikon 等傳統相機大廠也好,在要在顧及單反市場的情況下推出無反,難免總會 ...
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分享 與明星一起助陣casio自拍神器
hkpdxg 2014-7-8 05:18 PM
擁有一款 casi o 自拍神器 ,與劉詩詩一起談心中的純美之愛和最炫自拍術。 “仰面 45 度的自拍能夠讓臉看起來更小”,這就是劉詩詩的自拍秘籍 洋溢著高貴與浪漫情調的新視覺酒廊,在晶瑩剔透的光影效果中 ...
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